Professions that I think would be cool to have:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure ghostwriter
  • theoretical physicist, but only the kind that solves sci-fi mysteries
  • Talking Heads backup vocalist and dancer
  • surgeon, probably

Actual profession:

Associate Creative Director of the writer-ing sort, currently working at 160over90, a branding agency in Philadelphia, PA. 

And also:

I graduated from the University of Georgia College of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in advertising and a minor in film studies. I also studied copywriting at the Creative Circus. Before moving to Philadelphia I triangulated the country by working at SK+G in Las Vegas and BBDO Atlanta. 

Here are some brands that I've worked with:

AAA Mid-Atlantic, Texas A&M, Mid-American Conference, Diageo, Urban Outfitters, De'Longhi, MGM, NPR, Luxor Las Vegas, Cingular Wireless, Peace Corps, Georgia Natural Gas 

In my spare time I like to sit for hours and hours figuring out how to format copy on a website. I also like dancing, watching local news, and dressing business casual. I think that the best kind of ice cream is vanilla. Second place: pistachio. 

Cover page illustration "Go For It (Remix)" by Austin Lotz